Organize your warehouse like an expert.

Treading through your warehouse to find products is no longer a challenge.
Find any product, every time easily!

Real-time inventory updates

Have no risk of overstocking, understocking and deadstock with an eye on all incoming & outgoing stock.

  • Low-stock & out-of-stock alerts
  • Reorder points for auto-replenishment
  • Automated PO creation
  • Quick stock & price adjustment
  • Stock count form for physical inventory
  • Link products to manage the same stock level
  • Return to vendor

Batch and location-based inventory

Never waste time locating or tracking any and every piece of stock with exact details handy with you.

  • Bulk import and export product information
  • Barcode tagging & scanning support
  • Serial, batch & expiry management
  • Shelf / Aisle / Bin / Zone allocation
  • Rule-based putaway
  • Warehouse inventory reports
  • Receive products at default or specified location

Order tracking and allocation

Fulfill your orders as fast as they come with smart rule-based allocation based on location and priority.

  • Manage orders for simple, variant & bundled products
  • Unify online and offline orders
  • Return handling
  • Partial fulfillment & inventory locking
  • Add multiple identification tags to orders
  • Bulk import orders
  • Order-based inventory replenishment

Efficient picking & packing

Highly configurable and adaptable shipping workflows to ensure the fastest fulfillment of your orders.

  • Create picking manifests
  • Generate and print shipping labels
  • Generate packing slips
  • Bulk shipping using presets
  • Automated stock picking rules like FIFO
  • Group picking
  • Barcode scanning for inventory outward


Manage multiple warehouses like it’s one unit for smart multi-channel and multi-location selling.

  • Add and manage multiple warehouses
  • Configure multi-warehouse stock policies
  • Paperless stock transfer between warehouses
  • Assign desired warehouses to sales & purchase orders
  • Sync warehouse transactions with accounting
  • Manage Amazon FBA & 3PL
  • Quick Send / Receive by Scanning

Benefits of a warehouse management system

Save inventory holding costs.

Channelize the inventory movement to make the most of your inventory life. Test quality & quantity at every key checkpoint – inbound, outbound, picking, etc. With inventory accuracy, you only store less and sell more.

Productivity with faster picking / packing.

Design picking convention of your choice and automate workflows to ship the right orders to right people at the right time. With improved fulfillment cycles, you improve on credibility and reduce returns.

Optimize warehouse resources.

Meet strategic business objectives with the just-in-time approach that lets you handle and optimize resources and ensures a positive bottom-line impact. Optimize every aspect, including space, labor, and stock flows.

Eliminate paperwork and manual errors.

Improve labor productivity by offering real-time inventory visibility and reduce the level of inventory process errors caused by little paperwork and manual processes; Save both time and efforts of the warehouse staff.

How can your warehouse management be more seamless?

Our team of experts will show you how you can generate customized shipping labels, shipping notes, multi-channel shipping,
and all your routine manual tasks automatically while syncing all your shipping data and orders in real-time.

Integrate everything that you rely on.

Get your sales orders, send stock updates & order updates, buy shipping labels and accept payments
with Cin7 Orderhive - the best multi-channel eCommerce inventory management software.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best warehouse management system for online retailers?

There are plenty of warehouse management systems (WMS) in the market that can work for online retailers. Cin7 Orderhive is an excellent option. It is a specialized e-commerce warehouse management system designed for small and medium businesses, to help them face supply chain demands easily. It keeps track of all your inventory stores at multiple locations. With Cin7 Orderhive, you can track the product journey from delivery to the doorstep. It saves time and boosts productivity by optimizing the picking, packing, and shipping processes, resulting in faster delivery rates. Cin7 Orderhive also eases inventory tracking to prevent overstocking and understocking.

What are the features of Cin7 Orderhive Warehouse Management System?

Cin7 Orderhive is a dedicated warehouse management system packed with features. Some of the highlights of Cin7 Orderhive include providing real-time capabilities of tracking inventory to and from multiple warehouses. Cin7 Orderhive streamlines picking, packing, and shipping processes by generating packing slips and shipping labels. It is even compatible with the latest barcode technology enabling inventory tracking by scanning barcodes.

Cin7 Orderhive also takes care of returns, exchanges, and backorder processing, so you can know any delivery issue as it happens in real-time.

What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system is a SaaS application that effectively manages warehouse functions. It is useful in managing multiple warehouses, establishing inventory control, and optimizing warehouse space.

A WMS supports warehouse operators in their daily warehouse operations like planning, organizing, staffing, tracking the movement of inventory and employees inside and outside the warehouse.

What are the benefits of using a WMS?

There are countless benefits of using a warehouse management system. The biggest benefit of using a warehouse management system is reduced operating costs, process optimization, and warehouse space management.

A warehouse management system maximizes labor resources, facilitates demand forecasting and stock planning.

Does Cin7 Orderhive consolidate stock in multiple warehouses?

Cin7 Orderhive keeps track of inventory stored in multiple locations under a single platform. In Cin7 Orderhive you can add and manage multiple warehouses, smartly allocate stock to different locations, and also set default warehouses for receiving shipments.

Can Cin7 Orderhive be customized according to my business requirements?

Cin7 Orderhive is a feature-packed warehouse management system that takes care of most warehouse functions. However, if users require specific add-ons, then yes, they can avail customizations according to their business requirements. Cin7 Orderhive Plus, the customizable version offers tailored solutions.

Does it take too long to set up Cin7 Orderhive warehouse management system?

No, it is super easy to set up Cin7 Orderhive warehouse management system. Sellers do not require any extra hardware or too much IT involvement. All you need to do is sign up, select a purchase plan and you’re good to go. Once you have created your Cin7 Orderhive account, you simply need to add your warehouses and stock details to start selling in no time!

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