EasyPost integration for seamless shipping

EasyPost integration will allow you to create shipping labels, check shipping rates, verify addresses, and perform other shipping related processes right within your Orderhive account.

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Instant connectivity

Avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple shipping systems by integrating your EasyPost account with Orderhive, and process orders within a centralized system to increase efficiency. You can ship orders without going through lot of integration complexities.

Automate major shipping processes

With EasyPost Integration, tracking details will automatically be updated in Orderhive for every order that you fulfill. Also, you can compare shipping rates in real-time from multiple-carriers, as well as, shipping labels are auto-generated and you can print them on-the-go.

Ship anywhere

Offering quick access with leading carriers having multiple networks across the globe, Orderhive’s EasyPost integration will allow you fulfill orders anywhere around the world. So start simplifying your shipping management without having to spend more.

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