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BigCommerce inventory management and order management

Orderhive’s BigCommerce integration service will bring all your store’s data (inventory, orders, customers) at one place, making it easy and quick to process back-end operations.

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Maintain centralized inventory levels

Orderhive will sync your BigCommerce store’s inventory, allowing real-time access of your stock. Whenever you make a new sale, stock will automatically get adjusted on all connected channels.

Automates order processes

Orderhive will import orders from BigCommerce, making it easy and quick to process orders. Also, whenever you change order status in Orderhive, updates will be pushed to BigCommerce as well.

Improve store efficiency

Giving you real-time access of all your BigCommerce store’s happenings (including inventory and order details), you can facilitate decisions for increasing store efficiency and performance, both.

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Connect your channels with Orderhive to make order and inventory management simpler and efficient. Contact us to suggest a channel you would like Orderhive to integrate with.

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