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Orderhive was the only suitable order management system that I could find, that would provide an integration with Royal Mail (UK delivery service). Whilst this took some time to achieve (about 2 months), the integration works very well, enabling us to print off shipping labels without manually entering in the address. Orderhive also integrates with our online store, which allows the orders to be synced with ease. They listen to feedback and have great support. Orderhive have all the features necessary for our order management.

Sean Parle - Customer Testimonial

Sean Parle

Director, Digital Converters


Works great

We have been looking for a multichannel management system for a long time. I can confirm that Orderhive was a great choice. We use this system to link Amazon, eBay and Shopify store. The system is simple and saves us a lot of time. Great customer service too. A lot of handy reports, including stock valuation, low inventory etc.

Daniel Kudla - Testimonail

Daniel Kudla


Value for money app with great customer service

We use Orderhive for our business that sells online plus also B2B. The ability to link to Shopify plus also to sell B2B and keep our inventory up to date saves us time. We have also started using the Xero integration. I researched many different app's, though many of them were costly. Orderhive has a long list of features at a great price. Initially we had issues setting up the system, though once we started to communicate with the orderhive team, we got things sorted. I have been very impressed with the level of customer service we have received. They have made changes to invoice for us so they suit our needs, plus are also looking at making a few other changes to make the system more suitable for us.

Linda - Customer

Linda Woodward

Linda Woodward, Owner, Tahija Creative


Great App – A must for all businesses selling across multiple e-commerce channels!

This is a fantastic app for anyone selling across multiple e-commerce channels. Completely eliminates overselling and its forecast reports make it really easy to plan our next production cycle. The customer service was extremely good, very fast responses - Great Customer Service - Easy to use Interface - a system that integrates with multiple sales channels. - tracking reports.

Jehad Ghanem Customer Testimonial

Jehad Ghanem

Online Seller


This has really helped our fulfillment process

Orderhive was by far the cheapest of the online inventory management systems that we found to fit our needs. But it is surprisingly easy to use and the customer service is outstanding. They are available all the working UK day (and Sundays as well) on skype/live chat/call. They happily modify their software/templates to your specific business and normally update their processes for you within a couple of days.


Elizabeth Singh

Elizabeth Singh


Best Value in Inventory Management

I think I must have tried all of the less than $200/month multichannel inventory managers. Most of them are terrible and overpriced. Orderhive does not support creating listings on each channel, but I after trying all the other systems that do support creating listings, I can easily live without that feature. The other apps that create listings do not create new listings on Amazon and the listings they create on ebay have to be revised. I dont have to match SKUs. Orderhive Imports products from the channels (no spreadsheet required) Quickly updates prices on ebay and Amazon without returning errors.

Daniel Tubeur

Daniel Tauber

Daniel Tauber, Scripps Networks Interactive


Inventory management software that works

We needed a software that could work as a master of stock, be able to sync stock across three sales channels, push orders to three different warehouses alongside - and most importantly - automate daily task workflows. Orderhive allowed us to achieve that with great precision. Not just that, it saved our team a great deal of time with highly fluid automation of daily repetitive and routine tasks.


Stefan Gehrig

Stefan Gehrig, Founder at King Kong Apparel


Great support & always very responsive

Orderhive is a great concept and the whole thing is amazing. Thank you for the great service and support. I didn't feel there was a huge issue with the time zone difference, I just needed to make sure I was messaging them before 5pm that's all. Overall, great.


Ina plesca

Ina plesca, Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional


Great Product, a couple of thing to improve

Great customer service and cost benefit. There are a couple of things It needs to improve but I think overall you get what you pay for. By my experience, they are improving with time. It worth it a try.

Fred Rofrigues

Fred Rodrigues

Freelance Copywriter