Benefits of Cin7 Orderhive for Amazon FBA Inbound Shipment

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Limit the hassles

Integrate your Amazon FBA account into Cin7 Orderhive. Creating shipping plans and transferring your stock to FBA warehouse(s) is now possible from the convenience of a single portal, allowing you to avoid unending to & fro across websites for managing inventory and inbound shipments.

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Eliminate mistakes

Burn the chances of any possible errors while manually preparing shipments in an excel sheet. Simply select the SKUs or products to prepare shipment list and rest all details such as current location, batch, cost, product images, description, etc. will be pulled directly from Cin7 Orderhive.

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Save time

Create and update shipping plans for your FBA stock with much lesser clicks than Amazon Seller Central. Manage multiple settings and preferences for FBA inbound shipment tasks from a single platform. Save time in repeating orders with one click cloning feature.

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Centralize your inventory

Manage and track your inventory across selling channels and warehouses, including FBA from a central platform. With multi-location tracking support, Cin7 Orderhive can easily track stock of each FBA location separately to help you save time, sell more, and grow your business.

Features in Cin7 Orderhive for Amazon FBA Inbound Shipment

Easy-to-use UI for FBA inbound shipment

Cin7 Orderhive’s user-friendly and interactive interface makes it easier to manage FBA inbound shipments in the least number of mouse clicks

  • Easy FBA inbound shipment creation workflow
  • Add shipment items using type & search facility
  • A single page for setting shipment preparation & labeling preferences
  • Replicate stock transfer in a single click
  • Automated & easy-to-understand shipment naming convention

Customized ordering functionality

Cin7 Orderhive gives you the freedom to efficiently choose how, when, what and where to order for the stock transfer to FBA warehouses

  • FBA stock replenishment alerts
  • Prepare shipping plans - self or through Amazon partner carriers
  • Split different products into multiple shipments
  • Send single merchant SKUs to multiple fulfillment centers
  • Auto-split shipments based on location

Sync to Amazon Seller Central

All your data related to warehouse inventory as well as FBA inbound shipment orders are synced and updated in real time

  • Integrate Amazon FBA seller central account in Cin7 Orderhive
  • Create and list inbound shipment requests
  • Update existing inbound shipment
  • Real-time shipment updates
  • Import product details from Cin7 Orderhive to FBA account

Smart and quick labeling

Get labeling requirements and item preparation instructions to help you manage FBA inbound shipments on Cin7 Orderhive itself

  • Generate & print shipping labels
  • Get preparation instructions for SKU
  • Get preparation instructions for ASIN
  • Get estimate for transport request
  • Inbound visibility for small parcel and LTL shipments
Cin7 Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

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