Effortless purchasing at it’s best.

Create purchase orders, replenish your inventory, reach out to your suppliers,
at ease, with Cin7 Orderhive.

Automated PO functionality

Fully automated PO platform that enables the approval, tracking, and escalation of POs through your team.

  • PO alerts set as per reorder points
  • Raise & send/email PO
  • Raise PO directly from orders at any stage
  • Role-based access and PO approval process
  • Clone PO for quick PO creation
  • Import, export, download and print POs in bulk

Easy pre-and-post-inwarding processes

Ensure smooth, calculated inwarding with handy information like docket number, mode of shipment, supplier, etc.

  • Assign desired destination warehouse to POs
  • Receive shipment in full or in parts
  • Perform warehouse transfer at PO stage
  • Send GRN (Goods received note)
  • Invoice approvals & convert POs into invoices
  • Add or receive PO items by barcode scan

Efficient supplier management

Evaluate the supplier credentials and pick the best that suit your budgets and sync with your purchase patterns.

  • Supplier contacts management
  • Import and export suppliers in bulk
  • Assign default suppliers to products
  • Assign multiple suppliers to products
  • Assign the desired supplier during PO creation
  • Supplier transaction history

Customized purchasing

Customize every aspect of purchasing to suit your brand and business needs - from PO templates to payments.

  • Custom PO formats
  • Multi-currency transaction
  • Add custom fields
  • Add easy identification tags
  • Add preferred payment terms
  • Add applicable discounts and tax brackets

Real-time information

Spot find bottlenecks and delays using actionable insights obtained from data-rich and actionable reports.

  • Get insights into your purchases
  • Identify your top suppliers
  • Identify most frequently purchased products
  • Get purchase and transaction history
  • Track PO status
  • Update payment status

Benefits of a purchase order management software

Smart planning with purchase recommendations.

Never miss a sale due to stock-outs. With Cin7 Orderhive’s Purchase Order Software, you can track of your order items, future commitments, supplier lead times and your costs at all times. Get control of your spends vis-a-vis sales for right purchasing decisions at the right time.

Hassle-free, flexible purchasing processes.

With Cin7 Orderhive’s Purchase Order Software, you can stay on top of purchasing by automating purchase workflows with the marketplace, supplier, accounting & payment integrations. Monitor complete PO life-cycle, right from PO creation to approval to receiving products.

One-point and seamless supplier coordination.

Have all your suppliers listed in one place to ensure smooth communication for stock replenishment as and when needed. Cin7 Orderhive’s Purchase Order Software gets access to real time information on supplier transaction history as well as the best supply prices.

Save time spent on complex PO management.

Generate error-free POs in a fraction of time, saving time for other essential tasks. No more double entries; you can manage all your POs in one place, and have them simultaneously appear in the accounting system with Cin7 Orderhive the best Purchase Order Software.

How can your purchasing be more seamless?

For all the processes related to purchasing that you and your team follow every day, and all the manual tasks
that are most hated but necessary, our expert team will make you understand how to do it all.

Integrate everything that you rely on.

Get your sales orders, send stock updates & order updates, buy shipping labels and accept payments
with Cin7 Orderhive - the best multi-channel eCommerce inventory management software.

Frequently asked questions

How will I update in Cin7 Orderhive if there are changes in the supplier rates for a specific set of products?

There many ways for you to update the supplier rates in Cin7 Orderhive purchase order software. One of them is to import the excel sheet the format of which will be provided by Cin7 Orderhive – the purchase order software. This sheet will have fields like product SKU, product category, supplier price, retail price, etc. You can either give your supplier this excel sheet, get the details filled and then accordingly import the file in Cin7 Orderhive or do it all yourself. The second method is to manually enter all the details – SKU by SKU.

Why is a purchase order software necessary for your retail business?

It is always necessary to keep a track of your spendings and earnings – that’s what is the business! An effective purchase order software will help you to manage all the supplier lead times, future commitments, replenish stocks efficiently, monitor complete ‘purchase order’ life-cycle, etc.

With purchase management to be a highlighted product of Cin7 Orderhive, how much do I need to pay to subscribe?

To get your business covered with a purchase order software, Cin7 Orderhive offers you three packages – ‘Starter’ at $99.99 per month, ‘Professional’ at $199.99 per month, and ‘Growth’ at $299.99 per month. For the businesses which might need some other tailor-made features, there is Cin7 Orderhive Enterprise.

In order to utilize the feature of customizing the 'purchase order' templates and 'payment structure', do I need to get a subscription of Cin7 Orderhive Enterprise?

No. Cin7 Orderhive provides you with a feature of customizing the ‘purchase order’ templates and ‘payment structure’ in the normal subscription itself. There is no need to opt for the Enterprise purchase order software for this.

What is the best browser to use the purchase order software? Also, is my data secured?

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, are all good platforms to use Cin7 Orderhive. Talking about the security of data, keeping all the restrictions intact, no other user apart from Cin7 Orderhive’s administrator and you yourself can access the data that is on the cloud.

Will I be able to connect with anyone from the support staff at Cin7 Orderhive regarding the issues that I could face?

Certainly! The support staff is always there to help you out with the issues that you face while using the purchase order software. Also, if you are facing any troubles with the functionalities, the support team will always step forward to pass on your query to the technical team.

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