Just toggle it on, and automate everything.

Add triggers and design your own conditions to automate your Cin7 Orderhive,
and it will take care of everything that you want it to.

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Active Automation Name
Warehouse Stock
Assign Order to Tom
Blacklist Numbers
Move to Folder
Shipment Email

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Built-in triggers
Order Created

Triggered when a new order is created.

Order Status Updated

Triggered when an order status is updated.

Order Tagged

Triggered when an order is tagged.

Order Paid

Triggered when an order payment is done.

Order Commented

Triggered when an order gets a new comment.

Invoice Created

Triggered when an invoice is created.

Shipment Created

Triggered when a shipment is created.

Shipment Status is Updated

Triggered when a shipment status is updated.

Product Stock Adjusted

Triggered when a product stock is updated.

Automation based on triggers

Perform all the regular tasks automatically by simply creating triggers.

  • Inbuilt & custom triggers
  • Time-based triggers
  • Mandatory & optional conditions
  • Order & shipping automation
  • Automation filters

Preset fulfillment workflows

Auto-set the entire order fulfillment process or part of it by using our preset workflows.

  • Dropshipping automation
  • Amazon MCF automation
  • Auto-fulfillment through selected warehouse
  • Buy shipping label (via preset)
  • Invoicing automation

Automated fulfillment actions

Perform routine actions like creating order and customer folders, split orders, generate POs quickly and easily.

  • Auto folderization
  • Auto split order
  • Auto emailing
  • Auto Shipping (using Presets)
  • Auto PO creation

Auto-update order details

Get all your essential order details updated automatically.

  • Add order note
  • Add order tags
  • Add order due dates
  • Log payments
  • Fraud order handling

Benefits of an eCommerce automation software

Save more than 50% of time.

Streamline recurring activities by simply letting the software doing them. Automation leads to faster processing of tasks and reduced turnaround timelines, saving you, and team huge efforts.

Act in real-time.

Run your tasks right on-time, be it sending the confirmation mail to customers or shipping orders or logging payments. Stay on top of your business without actually you being physically present.

Optimize your resources.

Eliminate the need for manual handling of processes. Automation of repetitive yet indispensable tasks brings accuracy and consistency while minimizing errors and extensive paperwork.

Eliminate risks.

Eliminate the need for manual handling of processes. Automation of repetitive yet indispensable tasks brings accuracy and consistency while minimizing errors and extensive paperwork.

Understand how automation can help you.

For all the tedious retailing processes that you and your team follow every day, and all the manual tasks that are
most hated but necessary, automation has you covered. Understand how you can do it.

Integrate everything that you rely on.

Get your sales orders, send stock updates & order updates, buy shipping labels and accept payments
with Cin7 Orderhive - the best multi-channel eCommerce inventory management software.

All important automation software use-cases

Auto notify customers

Auto set template & Email for reaching out to customers with a personalized ‘thank you’ email or SMS or a message with invoice, shipment details etc. using the e-commerce automation provided by Cin7 Orderhive.

Auto send orders via Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Select orders automatically based on customer, order value or sales channel preference and send them to Amazon for fulfillment.

Auto archive products

The products that are deleted in your sales channel will be automatically archived on Cin7 Orderhive or completely hide the product when you run out of it, as to not let down your customers.

Auto Split Order

Splitting orders into multiple small orders helps in managing the orders better. You can split orders as per the product categories, brands, location, sales channels, etc.

Send Purchase Order to supplier

Never run out of stock with auto purchase order creation. Every time the inventory drops of a certain predetermined level, auto-email PO to your supplier with specific SKUs and reorder quantity.

Auto-sync invoices with Accounting channels

Once the invoice is created, you can send it directly to your accounting software with Cin7 Orderhive. Automatically send invoices to QuickBooks, Xero.

Auto-select shipping carrier

Identify the best shipping provider or dropshipper and automate shipping rules for each order according to the order value, location, and ordered items.

Auto-notify against fraud

Flag and notify internal order processing and warehouse teams regarding high-risk orders or fraudulent customers instantly with workflow Automation in Cin7 Orderhive.

Auto-tag high-value customer to provide better customer service

Identify and tag high-value customers and notify customer service to send personalized welcome messages, follow-up emails, or discount coupons with Cin7 Orderhive’s eCommerce automation facility.

Auto-create Picklist

When an order is created from a certain store, Cin7 Orderhive’s eCommerce Automation system automatically creates a picklist.

Tactics for a perfect inventory control.