Benefits of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

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Save shipping overheads

No need to pay the additional fee to ship products from your location to an Amazon fulfillment center, as you can ship the product directly to your consumers. As you save on the cost of shipping, you can also provide it to your customers for a lower price.

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Uber shipping and fulfillment process

You now have the freedom to select a shipping carrier of your choice from the listed Amazon Prime carriers. Hence, expedite your prime orders by choosing the right carrier with ease.

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Expedite Prime orders processing with automation

Automated workflow supports you to become an Amazon seller fulfilled prime or stay consistent with your Prime label. Simply apply business rules specific to your prime orders and organize picking, packing, and shipping your orders quickly.

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Outgrow your business

Amazon seller fulfilled prime is made easy as Cin7 Orderhive becomes an approved seller fulfilled prime (SFP) integrator. Focus more on growing your business, save time and effort as now you can process all your prime order(s) shipment without logging on to separate portals for order fulfillment.

Know more about Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime features in Cin7 Orderhive

Single point solution in the truest sense

Manage your prime orders at internet speed with efficiency and accuracy

  • Easy identification of seller fulfilled prime orders
  • Engagement with suppliers, shipping providers, customers from one place
  • Online and offline order syncing
  • Picking, packing, and shipping items from a warehouse quickly
  • Quick stock adjustment
  • Time and effort saving order fulfillment
  • Freedom to choose the shipping carrier ( only available for U.S, U.K, Mexico & Germany)

Smart Shipping

Ship your prime orders even faster with automated shipping workflow and customization

  • Add shipping presets/default attributes
  • Automate label and insurance payment using Cin7 Orderhive wallet
  • Barcode supported product scanning
  • Best shipping rates from the selected Prime shippers

Bulk order shipping

Handle your bulk prime orders with efficiency

  • Quick order filters based on location, date, tags, stores, etc.
  • Bulk import and export order and shipment details
  • Generate and print batch orders label
  • Print shipping manifests / pick-lists
  • Create and print packing slips

Transparent shipment tracking

Keep a tack of prime shipments to minimize any chances of delayed shipping

  • End-to-end delivery tracking
  • Shipment alerts and notification emails
  • User-level permissions and restrictions
  • Return orders tracking
Cin7 Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process