Get paid faster with Stripe Integration

With Stripe integration, we aim to take away the headache of managing payments across multiple channels. Integrate Stripe in your Orderhive account to streamline payments via credit card.

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Accept full and partial payments

No need to manage payments across multiple channels individually. With Orderhive’s centralized interface, add your Stripe account and process payment transactions with ease.

Send payment URL to customers

No more stressing over failed transactions. Accept quick payments by sending payment URL (through email) to customers right within your Orderhive account.

Accept payments via credit card

Once you’ve integrated Orderhive and Stripe, you can accept payments within sales order screen. By entering credit card details, payment will be processed within seconds.

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Connect your channels with Orderhive to make order and inventory management simpler and efficient. Contact us to suggest a channel you would like Orderhive to integrate with.

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