Track shipments in real-time with Aftership integration

AfterShip’s shipping integration makes it easy to track order status in real-time, helping you answer shipping inquires and boost customer experience, both. Connect your AfterShip account to make your shipment tracking process simpler.

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Simplest order status tracker

Aftership integration service will allow real-time updates of your shipments, that can be accessed from any place, anytime. Get accurate delivery route of your shipments and make instant decisions to enhance customer service.

Connects with 306 couriers

Aftership shipping integration service will allow you connect with leading courier companies- including UPS, FedEx, DHL, enabling you to track shipments across multiple countries. This will keep you and your customer on the same page.

Delight your customers

With AfterShip integration, you can keep your customer updated about their shipment and the estimated delivery time. This way, your customers will be rest assured that they are going to get their product delivery in time.

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