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A new farming method

Email Marketing Strategies Every Online Retailer Should Adopt

As an online retailer, you are well aware of the tried and true methods that you and your competitors or fellow retailers use. Among them are SEO, social media, PPC ads and direct marketing through emails, as well as many other approaches. How are they working out? Do you feel that you should be doing something more? Less? Different?

The ways in which you use these strategies have changed over time, and yet email marketing is one method you can use much more effectively than most realize. Consider that there are more than four billion email accounts at work at any given time around the globe. Around 1/4 of them are work or business accounts, meaning that each person has around three email accounts

Emails, however, can now be heavily managed, filtered and received without ever being seen, opened or used. The average email account holder gets around 500 marketing messages each month, and opens less than 25% of them! So, why use them? They still give you the most effective means of communicating, AND the best ROI (return on investment) if used wisely. As one blogger said about emails, they are the best “way to communicate with an audience — of ANY size — and email is the foundation of all other channels.”

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